On Demand: Digital Twins Case Study
Vlad Romashov
On Demand: Digital Twins implementation at Neptune Energy - an interview with Alan Bibb
Alan Bibb Darren Shelton
On Demand: Embarking on your Digital Twin journey: ensuring a successful rollout across your asset portfolio
Wassim Ghadban
On Demand: Getting Started with Digital Twins
Rob Tiffany
On Demand: Getting started with YOUR digital twin
Harald Wesenberg
On Demand: The Digital Twin Applied to E&P
Michael Grieves
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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Darren Shelton
9:15 AM
Ken Nguyen

This session will deep-dive into how to gather real-time data from sensors to know the state, performance and condition of all assets, including:

  • Modeling drilling and extractions to evaluate whether virtual equipment designs are feasible
  • Using Digital Twins to proactively detect early signs of equipment failure or degradation and move from reacting and responding to a failure to being proactive
  • Implementing planning and corrective maintenance actions before failure occurs at a reduced cost
9:45 AM
Liette Ocker David Crawley Dr. Clare Schoene

This panel discussion will focus on how oil and gas companies have used Digital Twins throughout the pandemic to reduce costs and ensure operational sustainability. Was Covid 19 the black swan event that forced companies to overhaul their operations and legacy systems?

  • Utilizing Digital Twins to gain asset visibility during times of supply chain disruption
  • Harnessing the digital modeling capabilities of Digital Twins to reduce OPEX and CAPEX and drive production
  • Leveraging information through Digital Twins to reducing potential production errors and delays 
  • End-to-end use cases and practical insight
  • Calculating efficiency gains post-Covid
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Dr.Robello Samuel
  • Best practice approaches to modeling and connectivity 
  • Advances in cloud computing 
  • A guide to physics-based engineering models
  • The role of Machine learning , index-based, real-time monitoring and citizen software platforms
11:30 AM
Shannon Katcher Daniel Sawyer Egidio Marotta David Lafferty

Here our panelists will discuss the most effective approach to defining key priorities, goals, timelines and budget, including:

  • How can oil and gas companies leverage the expertise of industry partners to understand which aspects of Digital Twins will have the most significant impact on the sector?
  • To what extent is the oil and gas industry using limited design concepts?
  • Understanding how to derive maximum value from Digital Twins
12:15 PM
1:15 PM
Dr. Clare Schoene

• Designing twins with maintenance in mind
• Testing considerations to improve reliability
• Monitoring twin performance and health

1:45 PM
Glenia Aguiar

This session will provide insights and lessons on maximizing the value of your Digital Twin:

  • The Digital Twin as a digital representation: A Matrix view of different asset lenses and simulation, data, and visualization components.
  • Why actions in the design phase pays off in a low cost, high value digital twin implementation
  • Lessons learned from implementations – a solution-centric vs a product-centric approach
  • Enabling Scalability with a Solution-centric multi-vendor environment
  • The architectural components, its key functions and responsibilities
2:15 PM
2:45 PM
Dheeraj Ramaswamy
3:15 PM
Jeff Stroh

To what extent does the adoption of Digital Twins contribute to global decarbonization goals and the path to net-zero emissions for the oil and gas industry? This presentation will review how to:

  • Harness Digital Twins across the asset lifecycle to deliver on sustainability and GHG emissions goals;
  • Scenario modeling to drive more efficient asset design and operation and safer extraction;

Bridge the gap between where companies are and where they need to be from a carbon emissions perspective.

3:45 PM
Shannon Katcher
Hani Elshahawi
David Crawley
Egidio Marotta
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Thursday, December 2, 2021
8:15 AM
9:15 AM
Darren Shelton
9:30 AM
Nick Purday

This presentation will provide an overview of what Digital Twins mean for ConocoPhillips and then highlight some of the major activities ongoing in the company. Topics to be covered include:

  • Definition and examples of Digital Twins at ConocoPhillips
  • Developing the ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of Digital Twins
  • Understanding the value add
  • Thoughts on the future of Digital Twins

Along the way we will share some examples of what worked and what failed!

10:00 AM
Michael Moore

Michael Moore, Ph.D. will be sharing strategies and approaches for leveraging the industry-leading graph data technology to build large-scale digital twins capable of unifying data across disparate sources, delivering rich analytics, and supporting near real-time monitoring of critical assets. Also hear how Neo4j digital twin analytical use cases include data discovery, predictive maintenance, bill of materials management and network dependency analyses.

10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Darren Shelton Ben Randell

While the choice of the technology itself is paramount, the fact remains that its success is dependent on effective leadership. This session will cover:

  • Organizational requirements to ensure successful integration and implementation of Digital Twins
  • Combining leadership vision with technology investment and seamless execution
  • Identifying and nurturing new skillsets as new business models and technologies evolve
  • Evaluating the requirements for tomorrow’s leaders: managing the culture change and integrating technology across the workforce
11:45 AM
Jonathan Arneault
12:05 PM
1:00 PM
Maruthi Devarakonda

Predictive maintenance of existing assets is critical to reducing carbon emissions in power generation and O&G industry within the energy sector, while helping the customers generate revenue and remain in emissions compliance. This talk presents the important role that digital twins could play, in combination with other industry 4.0 technologies, towards the broader objective of decarbonizing the energy sector and transitioning into low-carbon energy to fight climate change. Topics for discussion will include studies involving decarbonization through operational costs (OPEX) reduction using digital twins in   

  • Gas Production 

  • Gas Processing 

  • Carbon Capture & Storage for NGCC power plants 

1:30 PM
Hani Elshahawi Phillip Dawson

This session will drill down into the ways that Digital Twins are transforming the way oil and gas companies approach, plan, and execute repair and maintenance work, including:

  • Leveraging autonomous capabilities to broaden the scope of maintenance and repair
  • Best practice methodologies to lower risk and increase safety
  • An insight into how Digital Twins can be used to bring offshore assets onshore
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
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